Through one-on-one advising, we work with you to incorporate global and civic opportunities into your academic plan. We guide you as you explore the options before you, reflect on the experiences behind you and integrate all your classes, activities and experiences into your Duke education. 

Advisors' Advice

Advisors’ Advice: Explore other cultures at Duke

You don’t have to travel around the world to explore another culture. Duke and Durham have diverse communities and opportunities. Read through our Explore By: Place or Culture page for ideas on how to get started.

Advisors’ Advice: Learn from each other

Duke is full of really smart, interesting people – make a point to learn from them! Visit our Explore by: Ways to Learn page for a few suggestions. If you're traveling abroad, be sure to check out the International Student Registry. Duke's international students want to talk to others about their home countries! (Click on "Click here to log in with your Duke NetID." to access the spreadsheet.)

Program Highlight: Service-Learning

Service-learning courses are regular courses with an incorporated community-service experience that enhances the educational goals of a course and serves the public good. Service-learning courses are offered in dozens of academic departments, and the service experiences are tied to course objectives. Examples include: building assistive devices, doing chemistry demonstrations, developing software, producing documentaries, telling stories, tutoring, doing policy research, visiting hospice patients and volunteering with animals. More than 30 service-learning courses are offered each semester. Click to view the Fall 2014 service-learning courses.

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